Top 3 festivals in Spain

The Popular festivals in spain
The Popular festivals in spain

Spanish people are known all over the world for their love of partying and enjoying themselves to the fullest and they certainly know how to put on a good display when it comes to festivals in Spain.

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Spanish festivals take place in almost every city, towns and village throughout Spain at some point during the year. Some of the best festivals and fiestas in Spain have deep religious and historical meaning to the locals while others are simply meant for partying and having fun.

The following is Top 3 festivals in Spain in Spain.

1) La Tomatina

La Tomatina
La Tomatina

This festival is held on the last Wednesday of August each year in Bunol, Valencia.

The La Tomatina is a festival where tons of overripe tomatoes are thrown in the streets for around one hour. It is typically a war where people throw ripe squashed tomatoes at each other which leave the participants and the towns main square dripping with bright red tomato juice.

The funniest part is that there are no winners as people just do this for fun and to enjoy themselves. You simply have to grab ripe tomatoes and throw them at anyone running, bending down, standing still, or moving.

The main rule of the La Tomatina festival is that you have to squash the tomatoes before you can throw them at somebody else.

2) Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

One of the most famous colourful festivals in Spain are the carnivals of Santa Cruz de Tenerife held during the month of February of each year.

The carnival resembles those held in Brazil and features parades with floats and bands who perform different types of songs during the street parades. The colours and costumes worn during this festival are stunning and are a delight to see.

The parades move through the streets with energetic musical groups and well-dressed performers. The most beautiful scene of this festival is the parade of pretty, well-dressed ladies who enchant viewers with their dance moves.

The colourful costumes can weigh over a 100 kilos, and they can take takes months to make and practice in for the street parades.

3) San Fermin Fiestas Pamplona

San Fermin Fiestas Pamplona
San Fermin Fiestas Pamplona

This festival takes place from July 6th to the 14th each year. It is a festival that brings the party to every corner of the city of Pamplona. The festival starts by setting off the pyrotechnic Chupinazo from the mayor’s balcony.

The celebration is fun, full of dance, song and location of the famous running with the bulls which takes place each day during the week long festivities. The bull running run starts from the Plaza Santo Domingo and winds through the ancient streets of Pamplona ending at the bullring.

This is one of the most popular festivals and fiestas of Spain and the most represented by visitors from all over the world seeking the undeniable rush you get from being chased by an angry bull.